Koly logo

The name Koly was created almost thirty years ago. Koly is the nickname of the hummingbird that the main characters of this story took as their patron and kept on the logo to this day. In the time when Koly socks were created, the inexhaustible energy, love and peace symbolized by this smallest bird in the world was necessary. Every beginning is difficult, but our heroes realized that the strongest and purest source of energy is the family. Our two main characters started with the establishment of a family and at the same time with the germ of their production - a sock for babies. A baby girl's sock grew into a girl's sock, then came a baby boy's sock, then a boy's sock, then those feet became a teenager and a teenage girl, then a man and a woman. And as the feet in the family grew, the Koly socks offer branched out to meet everyone's needs. Each lucky pair of socks is special, and they stand together under the name Koly socks.

Mission statement

We inspire boys and girls to
become men and women, encouraging them to become compassionate and courageous
parents. We also believe that parents should never forget the children within